The Colour Ham


Who Makes Up The Colour Ham?

The Colour Ham is made up of three very talented and slightly insane people; Colin McLeod, Kevin McMahon and Gavin Oattes.

Colin McLeod

One of the greatest thought readers of our time – Uri Geller






How do you describe Colin?! A mentalist, a mind reader, a psychological magician. Whatever it is, it’s pretty weird. He’s quite literally the best Mentalist in the world EVER … from Harthill.

Colin has been invited to perform around the world in places such as Ceaser’s Palace in Las Vegas, the Hollywood Magic Castle and the International Magic Festival. He’s appeared on ITV’s ‘Penn and Teller: Fool Us’ and more recently on Britain’s Got Talent 2012 resulting in all four judges giving him a ‘Yes’.

He’s recieved numerous 5 star reviews over the years and for someone who’s only just turned 25 and finally moved out of his mum and dad’s house, he’s doing alright.

Having originally trained as a Forensic Scientist, Colin very quickly realised that his real passion for performing was far more important than having a real job. Since then, he’s written numerous books, consulted on many other shows for performers around the world and given lectures to his peers as an expert in the field of Mentalism. Colin’s skills range from him revealing people’s PIN numbers to telling them the names of the first person they kissed. He can influence you to make specific choices and can even control the exact actions you make.

Colin famously took a photo of Gav into the hair dressers and asked them to copy his hair style. When asked for a comment on this, Colin changed the subject to talk about his other big passion in life, Dr Who. It’s clear from all of this that Colin didn’t actually kiss a girl until he was 21.

Colin has a very distinct appearance, put it this way, if Derren Brown and Jimmy Carr had a baby, he’d probably be more talented than Colin.

Kevin McMahon

Kevin has found the star quality inside himself – Radio Times






Kevin has trained with the best magicians in the UK and USA to create a modern, mind-blowing form of magic that never fails to impress and entertain. In 2005 he went to Las Vegas to train with Magic Legends Penn and Teller. His appearance on Channel 4′s ‘Faking It’ show, seen him fool the legendary Paul Daniels on national television, and go onto become one of the country’s most awesome magicians.

He has worked on other shows with the BBC and Channel 4 and recently appeared, alongside Jimmy Carr and Derren Brown, in ’4talent’ – a book produced by Channel 4 about the top forty, fresh and innovative talents in the UK. He has done two runs at the Fringe with “Tricks I’ve Learned Since Being on Telly” and “Magic to Get Girls By”. He’s also performed at the world famous “Hollywood Magic Castle” in …. Hollywood, USA. To top it all off he is one of the few Bona Fide members of the world’s most secret society – The Magic Circle! shhh.

Despite all he’s achieved Kevin maintains a wonderful childlike naivity which often sees him react at Magic tricks with more mystification than his audience. Some have suggested that this is because he is equally surprised that an effect has worked.

Professionally, Kevin founded and runs the Edinburgh International Magic Festival – the most Awesome Magic Festival in the World. And regularly convinces Colin and Gavin to perform, even though they are not magicians.
He’s very grateful to bring a touch of Magic and innocent wisdom to the complete ball of spazziness that is The Colour Ham.

Gavin Oattes

Very original and very very funny – Channel 4






Gav is if often described as the member of The Colour Ham that brings the chaos. Really what that means is he’s the one with in the show with natural ability.

At 15 years of age Gav became obsessed with Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer. He began writing sketches and creating characters as he dreamt about a future in comedy and live entertainment. So naturally he went to University and trained…as a Primary School teacher. It was during his time at university that Gav took to the stage for the first time as one half of comedy double act Gav ‘n’ Rolls.

Gav ‘n’ Rolls very quickly made a name for themselves on the Scottish comedy circuit and this resulted in a successful run at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2001. In 2002 Gav ‘n’ Rolls performed their hit show ‘Bravefart’ at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. After five years and having cracked it on an international level, Gav ‘n’ Rolls came to an end.

Gav stepped out of the limelight and returned to Primary School Teaching in a feeble attempt at growing up. For a few years he did stuff like get married, have children and buy a shed. In amongst all this Gav somehow managed to find himself as the owner and Managing Director of Tree of Knowledge, the UK’s freshest and most dynamic people development organisation. Gav very quickly built a reputation as one of the best and most exciting speakers in the UK and regularly speaks at events around the globe.

In 2010, fellow Ham Colin Mcleod managed to convince Gav to make a return to comedy. Very quickly Gav was back in demand on the comedy circuit but something was missing. Gav’s passion – as it always had – lay in sketch comedy.

One Saturday evening, Gav compered a night of magic and mindreading. There were two other acts on, Kevin McMahon and Colin Mcleod. Something happened that night – The Colour Ham was born.

It’s important to note Gav hates magic and he thinks mindreading is shit. He regularly upsets Magicians. Although not Paul Daniels who really rather enjoyed Gav licking his face live on stage…